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TextBehind® enables you to communicate with any inmate nationwide using detailed text messages and greeting cards with multiple personal photos. You can also send money orders electronically from your smart phone or computer using credit cards, debit cards and paypal.

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Each Text Message is eligible for unlimited reply letters and photos from the inmates (LIMITED TIME OFFER).
Regular cost for a text message with photos is $2.49.

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Please call 1-800-590-0495 for FREE personal assistance at any time. We are here to help 24/7. List of services by phone.

TextBehind Video Introduction

Quick & Easy Link to the TextBehind® App!

Get the direct download link to the TextBehind® app for your Apple and Android smart phones as a text message!

Why you should use TextBehind

  • Enjoy convenience, save time and avoid the hassle of visiting post office
  • No need to write letters, buy envelopes or stamps
  • No need to print photos
  • Send money orders using credit card, debit card and paypal
  • Fast, affordable and consistent communication with your incarcerated loved ones - nationwide 24/7
  • Receive unlimited reply messages from the inmate on your smart phone and computer at no extra cost
  • Professionally designed greeting card themes and designs are available for all occasions year round
  • You can also contact us and submit request for your desired design theme

Text Message with Photos

Each text message includes:

  • Up to 2,000 characters
  • Up to 3 high quality photos
  • Unlimited reply letters from the inmate delivered
    to your smart phone and computer at no extra charge

Send Money Orders Electronically

Use your Credit Cards, Debit Cards and PayPal®:

  • Starting at low as only $2.95
  • Send up to $300
  • Lower fees, faster service and secure transactions
  • Money orders processed by phone 24/7 at no extra charge

Money Order Amount

Up to $20 Up to $100 Up to $200 Up to $300

Transaction Fees

for $3.95 for $6.95 for $9.95 for $12.95

Want to SAVE more? Deposit funds now and pay only $2.95 FLAT FEE regardless of money order amount you send. Go to Deposit Funds

TextBehind® is a secure nationwide service and co-funded by the State of Maryland.